• Picking up the boat from Medemblik, Amsterdam in spring 2018

    Heading south in the Spring 2020

  • A ketch from the Jongert shipyard of The Netherlands

    ... actually, the yacht used by Mr. Jongert himself, when he sailed

    A link to the brooker sales presentation from 2017 is found here


    Jongert 14M

    Built: 1976, Revovated: 2008, Material: Steel

    L x W x D: 14,35m x 4,22m x 2,00m

    Hight: 17,40m, Weight: 20 - 26 ton

    Sails: Genoa, jib, main sail, mizzen sail, spenaker

    Engine: 104 HP, Cruising Speed: 8 knots

    Hydraulic stearing and autopilot

    Kitchen: Cookingtop, oven and 2 redridgerators

    3 cabins with 6 beds

    Toilet with shower and washing machine

    Diesel heater and aircondition

    230V (3 phase) / 24V / 12V, generator

    TV, stereo, wi-fi, folding bike


    Safety lines on vests, jacklines on boat

    Lifesavers and rope ladder for MOB

    Cardploter, Navionics on mobile, paper charts

    Alarms for bilge pump and battery

    Electric and manual bilge pump

    VHS, AIS and radar

    EPIRB and PLB's

    Emergency rudder

    Dinghy with gasoline engine
    Offshore and isolated 6-person liferaft
    Well-equipped ship pharmacy

  • So many possibilities - any suggestions?

    Where we were

    So far the boat was picked up near Amsterdam. See movie

    YES Click here to launch

    Current location

    By clicking on the image above you will launch the site myshiptracking.com in a new tab.


    Initialy Springevens current position will be shown, but other options are available. You can e.g. follow our whereabouts over the last 5 days, or you can se other wessels located in our surroundings.


    These data are based on Springevens AIS (Automatic Identification System). Data here is send out on VHS primarily to protect against collitions with the neighbouring ships, but it is also picked up by satellites and distributed over the Internet by among others Myshiptracking.

    Future destinations

    The plan is yet only tentative and will be laid out in more details later on. The plan is to leave the Port of Copenhagen sometimes in late May 2019 heading for the Mediterranean bound for the Greek/Turkish Islands via the North Atlantic Sea.


    The total tour distance is about 3.500 Nautic Miles in the season from May to October 2019.


    Springeven will stay in the East Mediterranean Sea during the Winter 2019/20.


  • New inupt



    But the word is free...

    February 1, 2020 · On land
    Carsten & Margret After having said goodbye to Michael I was on my own in the harbour of Canet for a while and spent time on practical issues like: Having the bow thruster repaired, having the main haliot replaced, fixing the dingy which leaking air, cleaning and preserving the deck etc. Then I...
    February 19, 2019 · Life abord,On land · 1
    I Middelhavet sardinen svømmer, we sing in Danmark. I would rather associate the sardines with the villages in the coastline of Porto, where it is all about grilled sardines. But WE now swim in the Mediterranean and we manage to get safely back aboard due to Springevens home designed rope ladder....
  • SAILORS - Who we are so far ...

    What does it take to get out in the blue? Think and think some more.

    Click to read more

    Torben - the skipper (TDN)

    Click on picture for : 'How it all started'

    Sailed on-and-off for a long time,

    Relatively new to the 20+ ton of Springeven

    Yachtskipper 3

    VHF Short Range Certifitate

    Click to read more

    Niels Carsten (NCB)

    Sailing experience since childhood

    Like to cook a good meal

    Experienced traveller.

    Long time friend of Skipper (since highschool)

    Natalie (NN)

    Novice sailor. Banker. Avid traveler. Full of vitality. Great humor and loud laughters. Curious and quick study. Scuba diver.

    Frank (FM)

    The guy calling upon your attention

    Yachtskipper 3

    Owner of varying boats for years

    Sailed a long way

    Gear inventor

    Simone (SS)

    Yachtskipper 1

    Medical doctor

    Emil (EDN)

    Sailing experience still rather limited
    Finished the advanved navigations course
    Will energetically discuss any subject
    Son of Skipper

    Mickaël (MG)

    Marine Cabinet-marker/Carpenter.

    Resourceful, Amateur sailor

    With travel experience

    Charlie (CP)

    Product designer, artist, woodworker, amateur sailor

    Nick (NE)

    Mechanical engineer, musician, amateur sailor, day skipper

    Genalie (GFN)

    Novice sailor. Basic helmsman skills. Avid traveler. Strong swimmer. Metal head and artist. Scuba diver. Daughter of Natalie.

    Jade (JG)

    I come to visit my father, Mickael, learn the basics of sailing and life on a sailboat. I am resourceful and willing.

    Sofie (SDN)

    Studying medicine. Climber. Into outdoor activities. Not yet any sailing experience, but that will change. Daughter of skipper.

  • Torben - the skipper: 'How it all started'


    Not long ago, in the late summer of 2017 Frank with the marine telescope above and a friend back from school invited me to join him sailing from his hometown of Stavanger down to Amsterdam and the surrounding channels of Netherland. I did, and we had three very nice months in his new Bavaria 37. That is, setting out we had a rough time crossing Skagerrak with an unexpected gale, but things calmed down and we felt, we now had prepared for what could come our way. Much more to be found on those months here.


    I liked the feeling of being on the move, as well as the relaxed atmosphere on a boat and in the harbors. So when another sailor told us about an old stylish sailing boat up for sale on our route, we decided to have a look. I liked it immediately, spent some four days looking in it´s corners and ended up buying it without having checked out any alternatives.


    The formalities were arranged from my hometown of Copenhagen during the following winter, and next spring I flew down together with friends to sail home my new yacht. Of coarse there were lots of challenges, but I guess it´s part of the experience to overcome those. In the outset I did not take into account that spring is a busy time in Medemblik Yacht Service, and only serious persuasion and good manners made it possible to leave with sails up on more or less the planned date.


    Some crew members had planned activities back home, so in less windy periods we used the engine, which worked fine. Until it did not - somewhere in Køge Bugt. Fortunately we managed to restart and reach our destination, Lynetten, with the motor running - along with the generator to keep batteries charged. I have picked up a few things since then about the electrical systems on such a boat and am now better prepared for this kind of situations. But at the same time I realize that much still is waiting to be learned.


    During the very hot summer of 2018, I enjoined living on my boat in the harbor of Gilleleje with family and friends visiting and a few tours to Kullen not far away. In the autumn I got more serious on the preparations necessary to safely set sail towards the Mediterranean Sea. Some on the part of the boat. Others had to do with my skills: Even though I did sail quite a bit back in the 70' and 80', times had changed and besides I might have forgotten a thing or two. Thus, over the winter I took a so-called Yachtskipper 3 course under the very dedicated end knowledgeable teacher Finn Lage.


    With my former work in IT put behind and my Copenhagen home given up for a good, long period, focus was now entirely on getting the most out of this Springeven - translating into Jumping Friend. It inherited its name from my old H-boat, which again was named by my co-owner Ulrik according to a misspelling on the part of an English sailmaker, who was asked to deliver the sails to his uncles home build yacht, Springeren, back in the 50'. So, connections way back in the last century are in place.


    Currently, that is early spring 2019, I have exchanged the Danish winter for Bangkok, where I work on getting this Internet site you are reading up and running. It has been made possible due to the kind help of Hallur, son of another sailing-friend from the old days, Carsten. Thanks. The plan is to finish preparations on the boat itself, when the weather shows its mild sides. You wouldn't want to see how long the to-do-list is. And then, some time in May - when I have had the opportunity to say hello to my then arriving grandchild - Springeven will be heading south, with no plans regarding when to be back. Onboard will be a group of friends. More will join later, as well as family, but I hope and believe this sailing thing will also lead to new friendships...

  • Yes, you can join ...

    Who will be on board?

    It is hard to tell. We hope to attract joyful individuals more or less equally divided on age, gender, nationalities etc.

    What do we expect from you?

    That you have the intention of contributing on the social as well as practical side. That is, no staff will take care of us! The crew must be mixed in such a way, that a certain minumum level of qualifications is available on board when it comes to sailing. Thus, it is - among other things - interesting to hear about your sailing experience and perhaps formal sailing-education. Safety first.


    When sailing as well as when in harbors decitions are taken by the skipper - with due respect to the wishes of the crew. No drugs, and only responsible intake of alcohol when the situation allows for it. Smoking outside.

    Is it expensive?

    It depends. You must pay a modest 10 € per day as contribution to the maintenance of the yacht. On top of that we share the running costs such as mooring, diesel, electricity, fees - as well as what we eat and drink onboard. What is used personally on the visited places on the other hand is not shared. Thus, the total costs can vary a lot depending where and how - Monaco versus bread / water / anchoring.

    When will it be possible?

    Scroll down below to the section INFO FOR THE CREW, where you will find links to a number of documents shared in the DropBox cloud primarily for use by crew members. However, they are all accessible in read-only mode. And the first one shows a 2019 calender, in which it is marked, who will be onboard in which periods. Have a look - and use the menu point CONTACT to tell us about your wishes.


    Please fill in the form below, call my mobile or send me a mail.

    Thanks, Torben


    Read-only links are found here to a number of documents stored in the DropBox cloud - Stay updated.


    Click on picture to access

    The calendar shows for the year 2019 day by day who is expecting to be on board. Where no initials are entered there might be available space - depending among other things on staff qualifications. (The picture is an example).

    Mew entries should be entered, when strearing is handed over


    Click on picture to add new entries

    Entries in the logbook should be made:

    • When stearing is handed over, or
    • When special things take place (incl. person-related, engine-related etc.)
    You must reopen the document with Word before editing

    Calling help

    Click on picture to access

    How to use:

    .....VHF radio (fixed or modile)



    Identififation info of Springeven

    Storage of safety equipment

    Click on picture to access

    Check out where the gear is to be found, and how it is used

    Fire fighting

    Click on picture to access

    Overview of fire fighting ecuipment onboard, where it is located and which situations it is suitable for.

    Bilge pumps

    Click on picture to access

    About the electrical and the manual pumps


    Click on picture to access

    Springeven has alarms in the floowing situations. Se how to handle.

    Incomming water

    Wastewater tank full

    Batteri voltage low

    EL 230V SETUP

    Click on picture to access

    An enclosed diagram shows how the electrical components of Springeven are connected. The system is comprehensive, and not every detail is covered. The main purpuse is to give input regarding how to handle situations, where things do not function as expected.

    Engine emergency

    Click on picture to access

    Varying guideliges regarding how to handle problems with the engine


    Click on picture to access

    Wow to find the right spot and hook up firmly

    Content of pharmacy

    Click on picture to access

    Springeven has medicin for most situations you can ecpect while sailing (tose types recomended by the Danish Ocean Couising Assoication). An updated list can be found here.

    Weather forecasts

    Click on picture to access

    How to retrieve whether forecasts - in varing situations - on varying media

    Arriving at & leaving from port

    Click on picture to access

    Guidelines on what to remember when sailing into harbors as well as leaving them


    Click on picture to access

    Brief description of the available navigation systems

    Cardplotter / radar / AIS

    Navionins on mobile devices

    TimeAero on PC

    OpenCPN on PC

    Paper charts

    Stearing handover

    Click on picture to access

    Checklict of things that must be addressed, when a new mate takes over the rudder


    Click on picture to access

    Updated crevlist


    Click on picture to access

    More thecnical stuff relevant to the crew has been placed on this separate site

  • Signing up fee

    Not to be paid until agreed with the skipper

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