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From France to Mallorca

With Carsten & Margtret and with Poul Erik & family

Carsten & Margret

After having said goodbye to Michael I was on my own in the harbour of Canet for a while and spent time on practical issues like: Having the bow thruster repaired, having the main haliot replaced, fixing the dingy which leaking air, cleaning and preserving the deck etc.

Then I had company again. My friends from way back, Carsten and Margret, with whom I also some Bangkok thing going on, came down. They go for a certain standard, so since the boat during the first days was waiting on land for the bow thruster to be returned from Germany, they took a hotel. And one day we went in their rented car through the beautiful landscape up to Andorra. The main street was filled with shops selling perfume and alcohol, so we bought our modest share, had a nice diner and headed back. Thonder broke out as we drove in the dark mountains listening Led Zeppelin and similar music from back then. ‘The grand father collection’ Carstens family has named his playlist which we used for an – somewhat uneven - competition identifying the artists. With boat back in the water and wind blowing our way we left towards Barcelona. Four nice and sunny days! In the town Margret was our tourist guide. We were not unaware of the pickpocket risk, but never the less three girls almost succeeded stealing her purse when the three of us walked side by side on the rambla. One grabbed it from the bag from behind and passed it on to her friend. We were suspicious, confronted the group, and suddenly the curse was there, lying on the ground. No police – but that was a mistake - for sure they were to continue their efforts.

Poul Erik & family

A funeral in the family made me return to Denmark. But only shortly, since I had arranged to have Carstens colleague, Poul Erik, with his wife and their wary well behaved two teenagers aboard during the upcoming fall break. Back to Mallorca we went, only this time the north end with the first night in Port de Pollenca. After a good nights sleep, some shopping and checking out the pool in the fancy club we set out for some days on anchor. Light winds, snorkelling, hiking, easy going.

Settling down in Port de Pollenca

With the family back on work and in school, I had another period on my own before Franck would come down in the beginning of November. October still has warm whether with tourists sunbathing on the beaches. But towards the end it changed a lot. Many shops and restaurants closed down for the winter and in came also periods with strong wind. Actually several times stronger than I would have preferred at there occasions.

The first time I was on anchor outside the harbour, partly since the harbour has a policy of 6 days out of the harbour for each 5 days inside. This is then the public harbour – the private club within the harbour might have had some space, but pricy space. It came at night and disturbed my sleep. I struggled with a newly installed anchor alarm on my phone which did not work well, when the phones GPS antenna was under a steel deck. Fortunately the boat stayed in its place, but two out of the maybe 100 others did not. One had its foresail destroyed while it dragged its anchor outwards for 1 km until it luckily got hold again. Another drifted towards the coast where it was picked up military and brought into their harbour.

The second time I was prepared with the boat inside the harbour. But still it was more dramatic with wind peaking at 60 knots. My boat as well as the neighbour boats used Med mooring with the stern towards the xxx, and we had each only one line in the bow. Some support lines of one of the neighbour boats broke in the middle of the night and had to be replaced. Later we had thunder with one particularly loud sound. Only next day I learned that this lightening hit this neighbour, so the navigation light were blown off and much of the boats electronics damaged.

The third – and last …? – time came I was again out in the bay with Frank who had come down to join me. This time on a buoy, which we have ‘borrowed’ more or less in waters, where you according to the municipality is on the wrong side of the law and exposed to fines if you put out the such buoys and try to claim your right. One night the wind came back and send three of the bigger boats up on the beach, one with a broken mast. Also on Springeven you could see on the mooring lines that they had been under pressure. So the over next days I was in Palma twice to find stronger ones.

We had now reached the month of December, but before we both went back to Denmark to join our families for Christmas, we did do one for us somewhat unusual shing: Went dancing to live music in the Irish pub in the neighbour town and walked the 10 km home.

On my part Christmas and New Year sent me to Jutland as well as Sweden. OK, of course with the highlight being the company of grandson Bertram whom I had only briefly met right after his birth.

Back in the bay I was reminded of the quite many awaiting tasks by the master bed being filled with this and that. But I also brought three extra sim data cards allowing for many hours in the Netflix company and in the beginning no one to keep me on the foreword going track.

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